Elected Product of the Year 2017: Philips SceneSwitch and WarmGlow!

March 2017

On the 10th of March, Philips Lighting announced that the Philips SceneSwitch- and the WarmGlow series have been awarded “Elected Product of the Year 2017” in the Netherlands.

The Philips SceneSwitch series is special because, home lighting can be adjusted without using a dimmer. The lamps in the series include three different modes, with which the light can be varied from bright light to natural light or cozy, warm light. Home lighting is easily to adjust to every mood and setting, without using a dimmer.

The Philips WarmGlow series has been developed especially to be used in combination with a LED dimmer. The special dimmable LED lights are creating a cozy, warm light by dimming the light till any desired effect.

Hellen van der Plas, Marketing Philips Lighting, sees the award as a confirmation that it is important for the consumer to adjust lighting in a very user friendly way matching their mood or setting. 

More information about the Philips SceneSwitch:
3-in-1 lamp. From a brighter, more intense light, that helps you to focus, to a less intense, natural light, for a pleasant atmosphere, to a soft, warm glow that helps you to relax. Available in this series: LED bulb (E27), LED candle (E14) and LED spot (GU10). Read more about the Philips SceneSwitch at http://www.philips.nl/c-m-li/kies-een-lamp/sceneswitch.

More information about the Philips WarmGlow:
The Philips WarmGlow LED bulbs contain a WarmGlow technique, which allows to dim the color temperature to the effect of candlelight. Available in this series: LED bulbs (B22 and E27), LED candle (E14) and LED spot (GU10).

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