Gibson Innovations Netherlands declared bankrupt

May 2018

The Dutch daughter of the guitar and audio company Gibson has been declared bankrupt. The bankruptcy is due to the financial problems at the parent company Gibson Brands, that ended in a moratorium in early May. An appointed curator investigates whether a restart is possible.

Gibson Innovations Netherlands is an heir to the Audio division of Philips. In 2014, Philips moved this division to Gibson. In this way, Gibson tried to broaden their business activities. They are responsible for the development and distribution of Philips audio products, such as headphones, audio systems and sound bars.

Within our range, this bankruptcy is related to the following Philips accessories: battery packs, remote controls, audio / video cleaners, batteries, battery chargers, headphones, in(ner)-ears and cables.

The current stock will be sold until it is exhausted. We will look for alternatives for the most important product groups. Of course we will ensure that you will experience the least possible inconvenience.

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