How safe is your safety camera?

August 2019

The Holiday season is always a period in which there is much to do about security cameras for in and around the house, but this is also very relevant after this period! A news item appeared at the beginning of this month asking whether the Chinese government could watch along. A test in the Consumer Guide tested 12 cameras, of which 3 were found to be not so safe at all.

SecuFirst ™ protected security cameras

Your house protected, your camera protected! SecuFirst makes a wide range of high-quality security products. Consumer safety is paramount at Elka Pieterman & SecuFirst. That is why the SecuFirst range uses state-of-the-art data security techniques. The data runs through European servers and is protected according to the latest legislation and guidelines. Your data and your camera images are therefore optimally protected against hacking. You don not have to worry about espionage anymore!

So keep an eye on your house at all times, inside and outside with SecuFirst security cameras. The SecuFirst range includes IP cameras (for indoor and outdoor use), lighting fixtures with a built-in camera, Wi-Fi door intercoms and alarm systems. By combining different security products into one system, you create a ring of security in and around your entire home or business.

Circle of Safety

All products off SecuFirst can be part of the 'Circle of Safety'. This means, among other things, that images can be read safely by the user-friendly free SecuFirst HD app for both Android and iOS. This app cannot be used by other brands of security cameras. The IP address of the camera is also not released to third parties or other apps. The chance of hacking, for example, is very small. The app is regularly updated with the latest security and performance updates to guarantee safety.

The products are secured and use a secret connection protocol, which means that the chance of hacking is very small. Images can be recorded on a micro SD card and can easily be viewed by the SecuFirst app on your telephone or tablet. All devices have a Micro SD Slot for storing the images.

In this way SecuFirst ensures that you are optimally protected against influences and attacks from outside. Very nice if you are sunbathing in your garden or busy with banking on the laptop within the same WiFi network.

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