Importance of Class A++ 4G/LTE shielded cables

June 2018

The rollout of 4G telephony is increasingly causing disruptions on the cable networks. Especially on the networks of Ziggo and Caiway, some digital transport streams have a nuisance of the radiation. In addition, Caiway even has several frequencies around the 800 MHz that are disturbed.

Ziggo also suffers from the rollout of 4G telephony. Comparable interference has also occurred here on a transport stream that is above 800 MHz. As a result, the TV screen is temporarily blocked or even fails on a transport stream.

In order to prevent such failures of certain frequencies on cable networks by 4G and possibly in the future also 5G, Ziggo and Caiway advise customers to purchase new 4G radiation shielded cables.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing connection cables?
First, the shielding of the cable is important for coax cables. This also means the extent to which the cable and the connectors are protected against wireless signals that are transported by air, such as 4G / LTE, Wifi & GSM signals. If these signals reach the core of the cable, this can cause interference on the cable network.

When purchasing the right quality coax cable you can pay attention to the number of layers of shielding that the cable has (preferably 4-fold). Often there is also the logo on the packaging Class A / A + / A ++. Research shows that Class A ++ is necessary to be trouble-free. In addition, you can also pay attention to the connectors. When you can loosen the connectors on the cable, Class A ++ shielding cannot be achieved. So purchase cables with molded connectors.

There are also the quality marks: KabelKeur and Ziggo Geschikt. The products that features these quality marks have been tested by Ziggo and meet the highest standards. The new KabelKeur requirement is currently also being increased to Class A ++. The connection cables from Kopp and Technetix are currently the only cables that are certified and meet the latest requirements for the Ziggo network.

Elka Pieterman offers these A++ 4G / LTE shielded cables from Technetix. These professional connection cables have molded connectors, Class A++, are 4G / LTE and 5G proof, 4-shielded and 105dB closed, for a trouble-free signal. In addition, these cables with a maximum frequency range of 2400 MHz are ready for the future.

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