Importance of MFi-certified charging cables

March 2018

There are various charging cables with 8-pin Lightning connector available, in different colours and price ranges. In addition, the consumer can choose between a charging cable from Apple itself, an iPhone charging cable with certified MFi (Made For iPhone) or an charging cable without license. In this case, the consumer often chooses the cheapest cable. But is this the right choice?

Nowadays, the importance of MFi-certified charging cables becomes increasingly clear. Cables that are not MFi-certified often cause problems; they often do not work optimally and can also cause damage to your smartphone. The iOS device itself and the cable can easily be damaged, the end of the connector can break, become hot or will not fit properly so the device may not be synchronized or charged.

What is it exactly?
If the charging cable does not dispose of the correct chip, it can happen that no signal is given when the battery is charged and the cable must stop charging. This will damage the battery of the device and in the worst case can cause overcharging and exploding.

The MFi-certified charging cable can be recognized by the MiI logo on the packaging.

Elka Pieterman has MFi-certified charging cables of the following brands in the assortment:

- Apple
- Cellular Line
- GP batteries
- Grixx
- Scanpart

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