Tech trend: Qi wireless charging

February 2019

Tech trend: Qi wireless charging

Nowadays, we simply cannot function without our smartphones and tablets. We are always on the go and the batteries of our beloved smartphones are having a hard time keeping up with us. A trend that will get off the ground in 2019 in the ability of wireless charging. The Qi concept is generally-known, however not everyone knows exactly what it is.

How does Qi wireless charging work?

The Qi system transfers power from a charging device to our smartphones through electromagnetic induction. Wireless charging is not a new technology as a lot of us have a toothbrush that already charges wirelessly. Nowadays we can use wireless charging for more devices such as our smartphone. The biggest advantage of Qi wireless charging is the fact that we do not need all sorts of cables that eventually will break or will get tangled up.

Wireless charging at home or on the road

The technology of wireless charging is applicable in many ways. For example, we can integrate a charging station in our interior. Furthermore, we can equip our cars with smartphone holders that are using the wireless charging technology. These smartphone holders can be attached to a car window or a dashboard and possess the WideActive 1-technology. This technology prevents overheating and makes sure we can charge our phones safely.
Not all smartphones are compatible for wireless charging. Do you own a Samsung S6, iPhone 8 or a newer model? Then wireless charging is an option for you and therefore you are always online! Take a look at the complete collection of Qi chargers in our webshop.

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