Vacuum cleaner maintenance: what should we pay attention to?

August 2019

Vacuum cleaners belong to the household appliances that are most used and a lot of us forget to keep this important device in good condition. It is important to clean your vacuum cleaner regularly and check the important parts. We will explain step by step how to do this:

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner bag or bin

When the vacuum cleaner bag or bin is full, it needs to be emptied or replaced. It is very important to do this on time. Vacuum cleaners with a full bag or bin have less cleaning power. Furthermore, the engine will consume more electricity and there is a possibility of overheating. You can simply prevent this by timely changing or replacing (once a month) the bin or bag.

Filters for vacuum cleaners

Besides the dust container or dust bag, the filter of the vacuum cleaner is very often being forgotten. It is important to clean the filter regularly. This can be done very easily by dusting it off and rinsing it. When the filter is worn out or torn, it can be replaced.

Different types of filters

For the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner you can use one or several filters. We distinguish the following filters:

  • Motor filters: a motor filter is being used to protect the motor from dust. The filter has a rough texture and its function is to keep large dust particles away.
  • Micro filters: a micro filter cleans the air that is being blown out by the vacuum cleaner. Because of this, dust particles will not be blown back into the house.
  • Carbon filters: a carbon filter is often recommended for smokers or people with pets. This filter does not only filter dust particles, but also neutralises unpleasant odours. Any present odour molecules that are left behind by our beloved pets, are being bound to the carbon, so that cleaner air will be blown out.
  • HEPA filters: the abbreviation HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. This technique ensures a filtration of 99.9% of all the dust particles larger than 1 micron (one thousandth of a millimetre). With this filter, your house is free from pollen, animal dander and dust mite droppings. This makes the HEPA filter very suitable for people with a dust allergy or a condition on the airways.

Tip: scent sticks or fragrance pearls

To spread a lovely scent while vacuum cleaning, you simply fill the vacuum cleaner dust container or bag with scent sticks or fragrance pearls. These pearls will stay active during the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner bag and spread a fresh smell.

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