Strong growth in use of smart home gadgets due to corona

November 2020

Figures from the annual GFK Smart Home Monitor 2020 show that familiarity with the term “smart home” has more than doubled in recent years. Especially since the Lock Down, there has been great interest in these handy home gadgets.

Almost a third of the Dutch people now know what a "smart home" stands for. A survey showed that one fifth of those surveyed expect that we will have a fully "smart home" within a few years.

According to a large part of the surveyed consumers, the ease and convenience is the main reason to buy such home gadgets. In addition, the Dutch like that smart solutions can help keep energy costs low.

Tessa Holzenbosch, Technology expert at GFK, says: “Fast and stable internet is the basis for a Smart Home.” Many Dutch people have already invested heavily this year in routers and WiFi amplifiers.

(Source: ERM November 2020)

Smart me. Smart home products can be operated with one app.

You will find the perfect smart gadgets to make your home from a beginner to completely smart at Marmitek. The wide range and high quality ensure that you can operate the gadgets carefree from the outside. From smart comfort to smart power and even smart security, all can be controlled from one app.




Smart Comfort

Create the ideal atmosphere in your home with the WiFi LED lamps. Whether you like color or just white, there is always a shade that suits your mood the best. Ideal during vacation or holidays to control the lamps from outside the house.


Smart Power

Save energy with a smart plug. The WiFi plugs can also be switched
on or off remotely and operated manually. Use the smart app to turn these smart plugs into a time switch or to switch off certain groups remotely. The Smart Comfort and Smart Power also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart Security

See and talk to everyone at your door with a WiFi doorbell with camera
motion detector and intercom. The wide security range offers motion sensors, separate cameras in combination with a doorbell. Whether you are at work, at the neighbours or on vacation, it works everywhere! You only need your smartphone and the Smart me app.

Marmitek is ideal for making the house smart, so they also have a wide range for audio, television & video and wireless connection. No more messing around with cables, but everything can be controlled wirelessly from one place with your phone.

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