Travel preparation: find the right plugs

July 2020

Preparation is key when it comes to travelling and people often forget that worldwide 15 different types of plugs for electrical appliances are used. Therefore, it is very important to check which type of plug and socket are used in your country of destination before you leave.

What type of plug do i need?

The American Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, also known as ITS, granted every type of plug with a letter. These letters have nothing to do with the quality of the products, but make it easy to make a distinction between the plugs. People often ask themselves: what type of plug do I need?

Overview of plugs worldwide

An easy tool/aid for holidays are travel adapters. These adapters make sure that you can use all your electrical appliances in combination with foreign plugs. The plugs are easy to use and are often sold in combi-packs. Use the following sheet for an overview and see which type of plug is used in for example: England, The United States or Thailand.

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