BRITA launches Maxtra Pro All-in-1 water filters

March 2023

Maxtra Pro All-in-1

The Maxtra+ water filter cartridges will be replaced by the new Maxtra Pro All-in-1 filters in the coming period. These improve the taste of water and reduce limescale and impurities, such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceutical impurities.

The differences of Maxtra Pro All-in-1 compared to Maxtra+ water filters:

• Better performance by adding extra filter gauze,
• 4x improved retention of the finest particles (>30µm),
• increased capacity, from 40 to 50 litres,
• 1 filter equals 150 liters of bottled water,
• for use with cold and hot water.


Maxtra Pro Anti-Lime Expert

For areas with (very) hard water, Brita introduces the Maxtra Pro Anti-Lime Expert version with 50% improved limescale protection compared to Maxtra Pro All-in-1. These water filter cartridges are mainly used to protect hot drinks and appliances in the kitchen.

Naturally, both filters fit in the current Cool and XL water filter jugs.

Less plastic, more planet!

By using water filter jugs and the associated filters, you ensure that fewer plastic water bottles are used. Brita is committed to an improved ecological footprint by using 50% biological material in the production of the filters. For this they have received the ISCC+ sustainability certification.

Trusted Brita quality

Also, the water filters are produced in Germany, which means that the quality is optimal and less transport is required. Furthermore, all Brita products are packaged in boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard and as little plastic as possible is used.

Delicious water, less waste!

Did you know that Brita also contributes to a better environment by recycling water filters? In the near future, the number of recycling points where used water filters can be handed in will be further expanded. Do you have more questions about this? Please contact Brita directly:

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