Print greener with RecycleClub cartridges!

April 2023

Slowly but surely there is a growing awareness in society that cartridges can be recycled. Did you know that the average cartridge can even be reused up to 4 times? Sustainable solutions are also important to Elka Pieterman. It is in our DNA to contribute to the world in which we live. That is why we are the exclusive distributor of RecycleClub ink cartridges for the electrical trade.

What does RecycleClub stand for?

RecycleClub is an initiative of Recoll. This company has been specializing in the collection and refilling of ink cartridges for almost 30 years. Recoll prevents 10 million cartridges from ending up in residual waste in Europe every year. They know from experience that only 15% of the cartridges are reused, while this could be 84%. By collecting cartridges, RecycleClub contributes to reducing the ecological footprint. The CO2 impact of a remanufactured cartridge is many times lower than a new one.

Why is it also interesting for you to sell RecycleClub cartridges?

The RecycleClub concept consists of two pillars: 1 the cartridges and 2 the collection.

1. Sale of recycled cartridges

What is the benefit for you?
You benefit from a better margin on remanufactured cartridges than on original cartridges. In addition, selling RecycleClub cartridges contributes to a sustainable image of your company. Your customers are also increasingly thinking about this.

What's the benefit for your customer?
Your customer prints more pages for less money. In addition, the cartridges contain more ink due to the removal of baffles and the original sponge.

The quality of the recycled ink cartridges is guaranteed by our own in-house production and R&D at Recoll. The returned cartridges are extensively tested and cleaned. Because only 100% original cartridges are reused for RecycleClub, the chips on the cartridges are also original. As a result, no error messages are generated in the printer. Recoll also tests the page yield of the ink in the refilled ink cartridges according to ISO/IEC 24711. In addition, the cartridges come with a 3-year warranty.

Do you want to test the quality yourself?

Request a sample for your own printer via our Customer Service!
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2. Collection of empty ink cartridges

Customers who can return their empty cartridges to you are more likely to immediately buy a new one. Especially if you can give expert advice. In this way, collecting strengthens the customer relationship and increases the chance of return.


The collected cartridges are a source of extra income. You will receive a compensation from Recoll for the empties returned. This can amount to as much as 3 euros per cartridge. Unfortunately, not all brands can be returned and recycled. Canon and HP inkjet printer cartridges can currently be returned. Laser printer toners are therefore not included.

What happens to returned cartridges? Watch the video.

100% climate neutral production process

Each step of the carbon footprint of these cartridges is fairly offset by concrete actions in favor of the environment. In the spirit of 'Fairtrade International', RecycleClub participates in the 'Fair Climate Fund' programme. RecycleClub's CO2 credits are used to finance concrete projects in the field of environmental conservation and improvement of the living conditions of the local population.


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