USB-C mandatory from 2024 – Universal charging solution

November 2022

The new standard!

From 2024, manufacturers will be required to use USB-C connectors for small electronics sold in the European Union. This proposal was approved by the Council of the European Union last October. In the next two years, market parties will have time to comply with the rule that devices must have a USB-C connection.


The new law covers smartphones, tablets, e-readers, digital cameras, consoles, headphones, earphones, navigation systems and wireless speakers, mice and keyboards that are equipped with a physical charging port. Devices that can only be charged wirelessly do not need to have a USB-C port.

Environmentally conscious

With this legislation, the EU aims to save raw materials, because there is no longer any need to supply a new charger with every new product. Since the same plug will soon fit on all devices, consumers will also be prevented from having to throw away their old chargers. Earlier this month, the European Parliament also voted in favour of the proposal that consumers should be given the choice whether they want to buy a product with or without a charger. This way we are becoming a bit more environmentally conscious!

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